Eggplant creative associates consists of a flexible and diverse network of collaborators of all creative, artistic and technical specialties that aims to facilitate any project with the elements that are necessary for its fullest and most effective promotion, regardless of its scope or the platform of its implementation & promotion.

The team can adapt & adjust to the specific needs of each project, regardless of whether it is related to business, educational, artistic or even experimental activities, or whether it concerns a wide range of print or digital applications.

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Consulting services

In the age of visual communication & the abundance of online presence capabilities, special care is needed more than ever for the most appropriate digital representation of any project and its successful targeting.

  • Visual Identity

    Design and development of a visual identity that highlights your uniqueness (or that of your service/product) and focuses on your target group.

  • Digital Media Consulting

    Identify the most appropriate and current digital media & platforms to use for your complete and targeted promotion.

  • Digital Media Training

    Ability to train you or members of your team in the effective use of any particular new technologies & tools necessary for the successful promotion of your activities.


In combination with our consulting services or completely independently, through our network of partners we can cover all your needs in visual communication creative propositions.

  • Web design & development

    From the design or redesign of your site, the development of an online campaign (mini site, landing pages, videos & banners), the UI design & development of mobile apps, up to web or data hosting.

  • Video & Motion graphics

    Creation of animation & motion graphics (interactive or not), as well as production, processing of digital video for the web & social media, television, or event projections.

  • Print Design

    Editing and production of prints of all forms, with the ability to cover any parallel needs of photography & illustration.

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Contact us

  • Matzagriotaki 88, Kallithea 17676 Athens
  • (+30) 6953 093 445, (+30) 215 55 53 075

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